Wednesday, January 26, 2011

WIP: 2010 World Champion (aka La Vache Rouge 6) - 1st post

 Just starting the unlicensed model kit of the 2010 F1 World Champion.  This is my first WIP and also my first multimedia kit!  First impressions:

  • Resin casting is very crisp with little flash, no defects, and minimal mold lines.  Very easy to clean up.
  • That said, the etched details (i.e. fuel door) are surprisingly wobbly.  You can't tell from a distance but up close they appear to have been hand scribed.  Maybe all MM kits look that way.  It's not a complaint but it did surprise me.
  • PE parts look good.
  • Decals are beautiful!  Hopefully they go on well.  I also hope the CF decals work well as the varying patterns would be expensive to purchase separately.
  • White metal parts look good.  That said, my only comparison point is from 1:43 white metal kits.  Regardless, they look relatively in scale, straight, and crisp.
Photos to follow!

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