Thursday, March 31, 2011

WIP: 2010 World Champion (aka La Vache Rouge 6) - 2nd post

Some progress in between other activities.  Much sanding and surface prep of the body has occurred as well as some of the suspension parts.  Although the relative lack of parts at first made the project seem easy, the high amount of prep required before priming (let alone painting, decaling, and assembling!) seems rather daunting at this point.  Nevertheless, I have more spare time now and hopefully work will continue at a decent pace.  Please note that the photos mostly suck.  One of these a new camera will make my purchase list.

This first image was intended to share the fairly clean panel lines.  However, you can also see that the fuel filler flap is hand scribed by the designer.  It will hardly show when painted, but is a bit incongruous in the raw given the precision of the rest of the body.

Next we have a view of the famous shark fin.  Thankfully it is pre-attached to the body and did not break in transit (as has happened to other purchasers of this kit).

This is the first actual build work I did.  I attached the lower front suspension and the bottom half of the front fuselage.  I'm sure that more filler will be required (Squadron White) but I will prime it first.
Next we have a view of the nose and lower suspension.  Of note here is another hand scribed access panel.  Again, you won't notice the lack of symmetry once painted but it does show here (although not as well in the photo).
Finally we have a view of the entire Batmobile.

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