Thursday, July 7, 2011

WIP: 2010 World Champion (aka La Vache Rouge 6) - 5th post

I spent most of the time since the last post rebuilding the rear suspension.  When I fit it to the undertray, I realized that I had badly warped it.  I had to completely disassemble it and start over (including much of the c/f decals).  Lesson learned:  Don't force the contact points on the suspension together.  Lay it out so that it is square and level and then adapt the contact points as needed.

I decided not to detail the wheel hubs.  I found a nice photo of one, but since the car will be displayed with the wheels on I don't want to invest the time in detailing something that will never bee seen.

The rear wing is just about ready for its first coat of paint.  I put Zero gray primer on it yesterday.  The front wing is also about ready.  The many, many winglets will be done separately.

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